We are a team of biotechnology professionals committed to provide sustainable solutions in the areas of Agriculture, Food Processing and Waste management. Our solutions stem from bringing together proven scientific knowledge and time tested traditional methods to provide products and services to the Green Economy, by improving yields, minimising post harvest losses and improving soil fertility. Our goal is to be a fully integrated sustainable solutions provider to the Indian Agriculture Industry

Cycle of eco friendly activities


We are deeply concerned with the degrading quality in food and food ingredients. Thanks to the ever increasing air and water pollution coupled with rampant misuse of pesticides and fertilisers during farming our present and future generations are facing a catastrophic health hazard.

At Vivnova, we are relentlessly working towards providing solutions which help reduce/remove use of harmful chemicals during processing and packaging of agri products.


With the global population expected to be closer to 10 Bn in the next 30 Years, as a people we have the responsibility to clean up the mess we have produced and dumped all around us since the industrial revolution.

Our new solid waste processing plant is expected to be the world's second largest vermi composting site, processing over 100Mt of solid waste per day.


More than 40% of Indian agricultural produce is lost post harvest due to poor harvesting techniques, lack of quality washing, packing, storage and transportation facilities.

We are working towards mobile washing and processing kiosk, which will help farmers not just reduce their post harvest losses but also double their income by connecting them directly to the consumer.

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